Gelato & Sorbetto

What is Gelato?
Gelato is term used to describe the classic Italian ice cream. Literally, Gelato is the Italian word for “ice cream”. However, unlike the ice cream you are used to eating in the US, gelato is made with less high fat cream. Also, you probably didn’t know that US ice cream contains up to 100% air! That’s right. Just let a bowl of ice cream melt and see how much is left. Gelato, on the other hand, has much less air – about 30% -- and the result is a much more intense flavor. The result is a frozen desert with up to 1/3 less calories and fat than regular American ice cream with about 4 times the flavor! Gelato is also served a bit above freezing – about 7 degrees. The slightly warmer temperature further increases the tastes sensation and provides a smooth, creamy consistency.

Our gelato base is blended to achieve a low fat and sugar content, then flavored to give you an intense taste sensation. Whether it is flavored with local strawberries or imported Sicilian pistachios, our gelato will make you think you are actually eating the strawberry or pistachio!

What is Sorbetto?
Sorbetto, or sorbet, is typically made from fresh fruit, blended with the right amounts of sugar and water - no dairy - to achieve a wonderfully smooth and creamy frozen desert.

Because it is made with fresh fruits or juice and no animal or dairy products, sorbettos are fat free and dairy free. Eating sorbetto is like biting into a fresh piece of fruit.

Like our gelato, our sorbets are made with a balance of ingredients that give our sorbets a rich, smooth, and creamy texture. The fruits and sugars are carefully proportioned to achieve a consistent product each and every time.