Welcome to Gelato Blu - Houston's home of authentic Italian Gelato produced in true "Artigianale" style. The translated definition of this Italian word is, "Made with the specific characteristics of genuinely produced gelato, in small, batch quantities and promptly served to the customer." In simple terms, it is best described in taste and texture as "homemade".

Unlike so many other gelato providers, we start from scratch, using methods, recipes and secrets handed down to us from Italian masters. This may be why we were named "Houston's Best Gelato/Ice Cream of 2008" by the Houston Press. Our goal is simple: To make the best gelato you have ever tasted. The result is a gelato with the best flavors and texture you will experience outside of Italy!

And if you're looking for coffee, we have the best in town! Our Caffé Italiano, Frappuccini and Hot Chocolate are the perfect pick me up or nightcap. Try one with your favorite flavor or with one of our cakes or Affogato desserts.